OFFICIAL SITE: Jesse Boleyn is an award-winning American songwriter/composer and novelist. He is also a former Special Forces Green Beret with over one hundred songs published in his catalog. As a writer, he was first published in 2006, author of the novel, Far Way to Even. As a musician, his national debut was Oct 12, 1979, at the Strand Theater in Rochester, NY while on tour with multi-platinum selling music legend, Shawn Phillips. To date, Boleyn has performed hundreds of concerts in seventeen countries. He is currently producing a new studio album with longtime friend and former David Bowie and Lou Reed legendary guitarist, Chuck Hammer for release in the Summer of 2020. 

Boleyn's new novel The Temple of Transparent Walls is now published by Abernathy & Smyth Publishing House. CONGRATULATIONS JESSE!


From Musician-Author J.R. BOLEYN

Jesse's explosive new International Action/Adventure Thriller! 
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5 stars - "I have not read a more impressive, rewarding novel of this magnitude in a long time. In "The Temple of Transparent Walls" author J.R. Boleyn is a virtuoso storyteller. Part action/adventure "Bourne Supremacy" and scholarly/thriller "DaVinci Code" it is full of enough blind twists and turns to ignite the imagination as the clues slowly come to light amidst a frenzied chase through Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna and beyond. It is beautifully written with a polished, stylistic voice all its own, right up to the astonishing, unpredictable final verdict." - Kristi - Amazon review

5 stars - "I'm extremely impressed with this book! It's a movie! The flow is smooth and the story intriguing. The detail in the whereabouts of the characters is fabulous!" - Jamie DeFrates, Emmy Award-winning film composer, producer - Amazon review

5 stars - "Jesse Boleyn is an extremely talented musician and a phenomenal writer. This book will have you sitting on the edge of your seat! Do yourself a favor and buy this written artwork of Mr. Boleyn. It will not disappoint! (Are there hidden truths revealed in this novel?)" - Kevin Trumball, Arizona Writers Group, Facebook

5 stars - "Fast pace. Great read! Perfect story! Good research makes ancient stories today news!" - Steven Denmark, author - Amazon review

"I would have liked it better without all the cuss words." - Mom


The Explosive New Thriller 
from Musician-Author J.R. BOLEYN

IT'S HERE! AUG 7, 2020!

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"An ingenious madman on the loose...ready to wield a deadly secret to time itself."

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Columbia City Theater, Seattle

Raised in Europe as an Army brat, Jesse Boleyn has garnered a loyal following of avid listeners around the world over his 40 year career, maintaining artistic freedom and sovereignty of the creative spirit above all else. As an artist Boleyn is best known for the worldly quality of his lyrics offering a unique blend of intimate commentary and self-reflection into the world we live in. Many world renowned artists contribute to his music, earning Boleyn a highly honored respect among his peers. Legendary guitar pioneer of Lou Reed and David Bowie renown, and 6 time Emmy nominated television music composer, Chuck Hammer has contributed his world class talents to numerous projects resulting in a beautiful collection of masterful original works. Boleyn's writings, from the early 80's until now, remain strangely current, possessing a timeless quality. First published in 1978, Jesse Boleyn has authored an enduring legacy of successful creative songwriting, all as an independent artist.

Hammer offers this insight: "Jesse Boleyn is a truly remarkable American songwriter and author. His work is intuitive, visionary, multi-level, and beautifully fun. I have worked with him on a number of key projects, across three decades. He brings insight, professional focus, and often hits the nerve of extraordinary creative work."

Harvard anthropologist and international best-selling author of The Book of RunesRalph Blumhad this to say: "Jesse Boleyn is a purveyor of enlightenment in the strongest tradition of the ancient oracles. You can almost hear the twinkle in his eye that makes you want to know what he knows. I was very pleased when asked to share a few thoughts about his life for this documentary. He offers to do the dishes, as well as being a damn good songwriter, although he does require my assistance from time to time. Did you know we wrote a song together, Arizona Sky? Well, I contributed one line and he gave me co-authorship credit. There you have it..... is it selling, do you know?"

Boleyn is a member of several professional organizations, including Musician's, Singers, Songwriters & Recording Artists, Music Publishers and Licensing, Independent Recording Artists, Professional Musician's Network, Indie Songwriters and Recording Artist's, and music publishing and commercial licensing with B.M.I. (Broadcast Music, Inc.) He has also sung "Sweet Caroline" to East German border guards to gain entry into Berlin, having to prove he was indeed a musician when they discovered 4 guitar cases in the back seat and thought he was a spy intent on smuggling small children.

The list of pro's in the business that contribute to Boleyn's music have also contributed their talents to Industry greats Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Laurie Anderson, Arlo Guthrie, The Eagles, Kansas, Melissa Etheridge, Joni Mitchell, and Lady Gaga. The list goes on. Norwegian triple platinum superstar, Aina Olsen appears on Jesse's new album "Grace of Chaos" released in 2016.

Personal note from Jess:

"Hello and welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your time. How the world tries to change us since we were kids, when we knew what real play was. Like daring that ride across the rickety wooden bridge with bicycle spokes clipped with playing cards, and the sheer joy we felt on the other side of our fear. Dream making is not for the faint of heart. Because it takes courage. Like many others, I share in the understanding that our Creator enjoys us best when we are at play. That is why I love doing what I do. That I am my best when I am at play, a storytelling bard on my way across this vast and marvelous landscape we call the human experience. 

In the western thought mentality, music is not work for me. I will always be a student of music and so it is with any passionate pursuit. That is why it is so important, because the learning is endless. Time itself begins to break down into moments of supernal now's as consciousness begins to exist outside of time. Along with that insight comes the realization of relativity, such as the universal correlation between color and sound. Or violent creation and harmonious existence.

As a friend recently pointed out, forget about what key you are playing in. The musical keys, like the grand harmonic design within the molecules of the sun and our very DNA, all merge. Think about the idea. That is when music takes flight. Some of my compositions are highly experimental, based upon first transposing color into sound. Imagine looking at a painting and being able to play its song. In the strumming of the D Major chord on a guitar, the color of golden yellow, one hears the rising of the sun. It is not magic. It is knowledge passed down through the esoteric schools.

One does what guidance of the soul urges. Some call this primal beckoning, interconnectedness. Other's, synchronicity. The guy on your television, a mere coincidence. I call it fate, when as the saying goes, the universe conspires to make our dreams come true.
So take heart. Be encouraged. Go for it. Every doorway has a voice and we are free to listen. The answer to the question... do we choose our calling or does our calling really choose us, lies just on the other side of that rickety bridge. If you hear the heartbeat of a dragon, you will know. After all, sirens of the sacred muse, cloaked in spiritual armor, revealers of secrets of the universe, lay claim to that fate. to a courageous heart to all. - Jess



Full length audio CD of 2 Short Stories "The Alter Boy" and "The Serpent and the Falcon" written and narrated by the author with music score by Jesse Boleyn and producer, Christopher Garcia. An insightful and humorous allegory of our times.

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